100% authentic

Our authentic cold brew coffee is made in a traditional time-honored technique using only two basic ingredients: air-roasted ground coffee beans and water. We brew the grounds to perfection in cold water.  We keep it 100% authentic without reconstituted coffee, coffee additives, coffee derivatives or preservatives.

smooth feel

Hot water brewing can cause coffee grinds to oxidize more quickly, causing the resulting coffee to be aromatic but bitter. The cold brew process delivers a beverage that is smoother, naturally sweeter than hot brewed coffee, and less acidic.

rich taste

Every sip of our JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew is brimming with a bold, rich coffee flavor that contains hints of molasses, walnut and cocoa. Our velvety concentrate adds a smooth and balanced profile with nuances of fig, while our ready to drink adds brightness and a touch of pinot noir fruitiness. If it is a treat you are looking for, you can enjoy the sweet, creamy smoothness of our vanilla, mocha and coffee JAVA HOUSE® Cold Brew Frappés.

enjoy cold or hot

JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew coffee has a smooth feel and rich taste that can be enjoyed hot or cold. The cold brew process steeps the smoothness into a liquid concentrate that is just waiting to be unlocked by hot or cold water. Adding cold brew coffee concentrate to hot water avoids the bitterness associated with hot brewing coffee. Our coffee grinds stay cool, never feel the burn of scalding hot water.